I had been getting terrible headaches. Let’s face it, I always have terrible headaches, but these were different. These would consume my entire head and I couldn’t move it with feeling like it was going to explode.

I went to the doctor and it turned out that I have arthritis and was sent to physical therapy, but I was still waking up in pain. I needed a new pillow.

I had a memory foam and an iComfort, but they weren’t helping at all. In fact, I think it was making it worse.

I kept seeing the commercials for My Pillow.

 The Risky Ladies

My husband and I were on the couch when it came on again. I mentioned that I should probably try it, I’ve tried so many already…but I was skeptical. My husband didn’t think it would hurt to give it a try.

Why not? If it didn’t help, he’d use it.

He ordered me one right then from Amazon. It came a couple days later.

When it came it was in a tiny box, not like you see in the store.

I had to put it into the dryer to fluff it up.

It felt strange and I didn’t have high hopes.

I tried it that night.

The Risky Ladies

I slept fantastic!

I am in love with the My Pillow.

It really does mold to your head so it supports your neck, that’s what I needed. And since it’s so soft it doesn’t hurt while it’s there like buckwheat pillows do (tried those too).

I do still get wake up with headaches, but they are much better now.

Whenever I hear someone contemplating getting one, I tell them to give it a try…

I can’t sleep without mine.


Disclosure: I purchased the My Pillow on my own and this review was not solicited by anyone, opinions are 100% my own.